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The examination of corporate and governmental training programs is a critical aspect of litigation, especially when it involves public safety matters. However, during the research and discovery process law firms typically only request and obtain basic training information from the involved parties. These documents often fail to provide a complete picture of an agency’s training program and unfortunately, they are often reviewed by someone who has neither the education nor the experience to interpret them correctly or to recognize when vital components are missing. In this case, what you don’t know can hurt you.

Reviewing and evaluating training programs is a complicated process that requires specific skills, knowledge and experience in order to be done accurately and thoroughly. Documentation acquired through discovery often reveals multiple layers of training deficiencies that may not be easily recognizable to the legal representative reviewing the case. An expert in the field of training and education is the only one who can adequately review and assess a training program.


DLC Logic provides expert, in-depth consultation by training professionals who have the valuable educational and career experience necessary for a comprehensive analysis of training programs. We maximize your understanding and interpretation of best practices involving training management processes through an intense review of policies, procedures, personnel qualifications, certifications, training support, design, development, and implementation.

I started DLC Logic Training Consultants to provide corporations, governmental agencies, and law firms with unbiased expertise from a training professional who has both the education and professional experience to fully evaluate training programs. We are also pleased provide expert witness testimony when needed.


With DLC Logic you can be confident you are always fully equipped with the necessary information to successfully represent your clients.




Daniel L. Cafferkey


DLC Logic,

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